Lewes DE Ocean Fishing Trips

The Fish Hawk offers multiple Lewes DE Ocean Fishing Trips.

Summer Fishing 8 Hour Bottom Fishing for Flounder and Sea Bass

Fall Fishing 4 - 8 Hour Fall Fishing for Tautog (Blackfish) and Stripers

Winter Fishing 4 - 8 Hours for Tautog (Blackfish)

Spring Fishing 4 - 8 Hours Trips For Drum Fish and Blues.

Lewes DE Shark Fishing Trips

We offer a 4-5 hour Lewes DE Shark Fishing Trips, Fishing for Sand Tiger Sharks up to 9' in length and other shark species. With a 30 to 40 minute ride to the fishing grounds this is a great trip for the adventurous fisherman.

All sharks are released except for Mako's and Threshers which are great for the able.


Delaware Bay Bottom And Wreck Fishing

We offer a family friendly Delaware Bay Bottom And Wreck Fishing Trip that is sure to please everyone.

With a short ride to the fishing grounds we can catch a variety of fish, this is a great fishing trip for family's and young children.

The trip is 4 - 6 hours long.

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